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quotes from P. Enns:

>>I wonder what 
>>sort of word play is meant. 


>Of whatever type
Perhaps it was the classicist in me. I THINK I once did the etymology of  
"pun" and did not find it very illuminating. I was thinking of the developed  
scholastic terminology for such things -- with complex Greek ("-nym" 
formations)  or Latin roots (fallacia ad aequivocationem), say.
I should revise the etymology of "pun". Note that my paraphrase,  
"word-PLAY" is a bit on the loaded side, in that, say, for Witters, _ALL_  
is "play" (and no work) ("Witters on language games"). It seems as if  
Witters saw language as circus material with the clown as being the epitome of  
the 'form of LIFE' as he pompously called it.
-------- Ref: Popper's Penguins.
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