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have listened to the complete Mozart, in  addition to several operas. 
Recent favorites include Don Giovanni, Cosi Fan  Tutti, Capriccio, and Lulu.  

Good to learn. I love "Cosi fan tutte", and find it odd (but  
understandable) that this piece was never too popular, when it HAD to be  
popular, due to 
its risque subject-matter.
Re: "Don Giovanni", I was recently reading Watson's essay (available  
online) on Wagner's Heldentenors. Apparently, Wagner's conception of a new kind 
of hero-tenor arose from his having experienced the wrong things (in 
Wagner's  eye/ear) that Rubini (whom he heard at the "Teatro italiano" in 
did to  "Il mio tesoro".
The Met is broadcasting live in HD some good stuff. Next is "Ernani", which 
 features that beautiful 'marching' song, Let the lion of [Venezia] awaken, 
in  the third act. And so on.
Strauss possibly understood opera better than most, and I'm warmed up by  
the fact that he found time to compose an opera on "Dafne", the 
subject-matter  of the first Italian opera ever!
--- "The opera club" was the name of a club that actually existed at the  
old Met. It was modelled upon another club originated at the Paris opera.  
Apparently ALL opera theatres (worth being called so) had such, as they  
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