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Hey, it sounds as though I'm missing out on something.  According to the
Ancestry.com database I'm part Cherokee as well:


Gardner Young Wolf Green (1736 - 1835) is my 5th great grandfather


Jacob Jake Franklin (1750 - 1851)


Lucinda Franklin (1800 - 1879)


William Leander Sparks (1831 - 1900)


Lucinda Catherine Sparks Matthews (1851 - 1921)


Troy Marion Matthews (1891 - 1941)


Ferne Roberta Matthews (1915 - 2000)


Lawrence Keith Helm



In "great" terms Gardner Young Wolf Green is my
great-great-great-great-great grandfather which means that I am not as much
Cherokee as the person running for Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat, but all I
need is a "drop" to get AA benefits, right?  So what are they?  I Googled
"AA" and got AAA Insurance, Alcoholics Anonymous, and American Airlines.  J




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The old principle that one drop of colored blood determines one's ethnicity
seems to be alive and well. a candidate for Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat
apparently got AA benefits because her great-great-great-grandmother was
Cherokee. That's 3.125%, and it was sufficient for her to call herself a


Given our origins in Africa, birth in the US, and immigration from various
parts of Europe, and sundry other places, I've always felt it only
appropriate to label myself as Afro-Slovenian-German-Irish-Native-American.
You could also say "Other" on the form, and comment "None of your damned


"All women are created equal.
Then some become Marines"

Katy Perry video for "Part of me"

Thomas Hart


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