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  • Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 22:28:58 -0700

On May 9, 2012, at 1:43 AM, Eric Yost wrote:

> "Who did the interiors at this place," phatic exhaled, passing the cigar
> back to Beanie Man.
> "Sloterdykem," Beanie Man said.
> "I believes," said a member, "he also did the Honda minivan, the putter
> club, and invented the solidus."
> "The beef is...ready," announced the maitre d'hotel in a resigned voice.
> "Oh, mercy!" Fats Waller stopped playing, exclaimed, "All that meat and
> no potatoes. Throw that mess to the alligators," and descended to the
> airborne sleeping carpets. 
> Later that evening, we were persuaded--for all the good it did us--that
> there are more secret laws held by the adepts of rhabdomancy than was
> explained by Lady Hester Stanhope.
"Didn't the Committee once have something to say about adepts and napkins, lips 
for the use of?" asked the Hon. Hector.

"Beats me," said Achilles, "Stuff like that gets me in the talocrucials, so I 
tend give it an M. with the ear department."

"Bit of a goer, that Lady Hester," said Televisionus, chucking his weapon into 
a conveniently tilted top hat.

"Old enough to be your mother," offered Lord Uri O'Cliyer, idly counting sugar 

"We'll always have Paris," averred the Oldest Member, "which brings to mind 
that final round played by Lady Nausicaa Gobsprinkle and our Old Pro Odysseus.  
The day was drawing in, and her mashie was not swinging according to form..."

David Ritchie,
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