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One can  hear paramedics, firefighters, members of mountain rescue groups 
(well, I  actually haven't heard of any of them doing it), and Boy Scouts, 
waving   off praise, deprecating the risks they took, the danger they were in 
by  saying—all together now:—'I was only doing my job!'
Did they mean it as an ANSWER?
Robert Paul (to Boy Scout). What are you doing?
Boy Scout: I'm (only)  doing my job.
It seems otiose.
At least he's not going, "I'm doing my duty".
For every Englishman knows that one ought to do what one to think it's  
one's duty. Tautological.
Suppose it were NOT their job. Then it would be illegal, right?
J. L., Bordighera -- where nobody does their 'job' ("job" is a cheap  

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