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Absolutely rich, that is.  Is your local newspaper online?
Julie Krueger

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> Thank God I managed to miss all  that.

My thoughts exactly until this morning's newspaper,  which contains a 
message from the Vatican's "top official for justice  issues," 
explaining that the execution amounts to an eye for an eye, which  is 
old hat or testament or something.  Outdated anyway.  Burning  people at 
the stake and hanging them by the neck go against the Catholic  church's 
veneration for the sanctity of life.

There was on the same  page, a complete description of the hanging and 
then, at the bottom of the  page, succor in the form of an ad that wants 
to look like a news  story.  Below all this stuff about exactly how the 
thug's neck snapped  comes the headline, "Avoid Costly Neck and Back 

Well,  yes.  I believe he did.

David Ritchie,
Portland,  Oregon=

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