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This doesn't quite ring true.  Having worked for Douglas, McDonnell Douglas and 
Boeing I know something of how an airplane is put together.  An Aircraft 
company does not build a plane from scratch.  In fact it doesn't actually build 
much of the airplane.   It should more properly be called a final assembly 
company.  If there are parts that an aircraft company can make, it goes through 
a "Make or Buy" analysis to decide whether to make the part or have someone 
else do it.  As time went on fewer and fewer parts were made by the company.  

While I don't know anything about how automobile manufacturing in particular, I 
would think that a similar process would be employed.  The idea of shipping the 
automobile back and forth across borders doesn't make any sense to me.  I can 
imagine having some parts shipped back and forth.  There was something called 
"CFE" in aerospace.  It meant "Company Furnished Equipment."  If a vendor 
needed something in order to complete his task, the company might furnish it to 
him.    So if the vendor was in some other country, the Auto company might ship 
a part to the vender whereupon the vendor would assemble his part into the CFE 
part and return the combined part to the Auto-company.  


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Sometimes a piece of informationbecomes indicative of how things are going. I 
offer two candidatestoday:

From a speech given by the CEO of UPS:

The CEO used the automotive industry to illustrate just one of theproblems with 
the current customs process.

"Did you know that the average North American-produced vehicle crossesthe 
border more than seven times during production?" he asked. "Duringthe journey, 
each vehicle faces a staggering 28,200 customstransactions. By comparison, cars 
imported from Europe or Asia toNorth America involve a single customs 
transaction. If we delaycross-border shipments by just a day, the Americas lose 
theirproximity advantage over Asia."

From a story in our paper:

Big-name researchers are prized commodities for hospitals competing inthe 
booming cancer care business.

David Ritchie,
Portland, Oregon

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