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I've often wondered -- not enough to actually get up and research the
topic, you understand, but wondered nonetheless, at folks like Pythagoras
who shout out things at parties like "Astonishing.  Everything is
intelligent!"  I don't know much about the man and even less about his
triangles, but I've often wondered if by "everything" he meant, not all the
things individually reckoned, but existence itself, that is that
existence is so interrelated it is essentially a single organism and
"behaves" as such. -- But what does intelligence mean in such a framework?
 That it has a "kind of" consciousness?  Is that what some would call God?
 Just what the fuck is meant by intelligence in such instances?  I
personally tend heavily (having gained a lot of weight lately) towards a
belief in Oneness -- but like Heinz, I'm of fifty-seven varieties of mind
when it comes to what the hell that means -- especially when you throw in
words like "intelligence". Any takers out there?

Weary Geary.

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> Or have I missed  something?
> Dnl
> Simple-minded Darwinist
> Ldn
> Geary, who describes his self as a complex-minded Darwinist states that the
>  "Missing Link" will possibly remain Darwin's problem _for ever_ (at least
> *for  Darwin*).
> Cheers,
> Speranza
> ---
> From Geary's "Darwiniana": "The term "missing link" is used to refer  back
> to the originally static pre-evolutionary concept of the great chain of
> being, a deist idea that all existence is linked, from the lowest dirt,
> through
>  the living kingdoms to angels and finally to God."
> "The lowest dirt is possibly the origin of Godliness is next to
> cleanliness."
> "The idea of all living things being linked through some sort of
> transmutation process, however, predates Darwin's theory of evolution --
> if  theory
> it can be called, rather than 'mere hypothesis'."
> "Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, to mention just one, envisioned that life is
> generated in the form of the simplest creatures constantly, and then strive
> towards complexity and perfection (i.e. humans) through a series of lower
> forms."
> "In Lamarck's view, lower animals were simply newcomers on the evolutionary
>  scene, as we may put it."
> "After Darwin's On the Origin of Species, however, the idea of "lower
> animals" representing earlier stages in evolution lingered, as
> demonstrated in
> Ernst Haeckel's figure of the human pedigree."
> "While the vertebrates were then seen as forming a sort of evolutionary
> sequence, the various classes were distinct, the undiscovered intermediate
> forms  being called "missing links"".
> "And the expression stuck."
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