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Actually Geary agrees with Piet Hein on this issue when he wrote:

Man's a kind of missing link
fondly thinking he can think.

Also, in line with Mister Hein, Geary shares this desire:
"I'd like to know
what this whole show
is all about
before it's out."

But whether I do or whether I don't, still I concur with Herr Hein when he
"I am the Universe's Centre.
No subtle sceptics can confound me;
for how can other viewpoints enter,
when all the rest is all around me?"

Mike "Grooky" Geary
Heining out in Memphis

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> Or have I missed  something?
> Dnl
> Simple-minded Darwinist
> Ldn
> Geary, who describes his self as a complex-minded Darwinist states that the
>  "Missing Link" will possibly remain Darwin's problem _for ever_ (at least
> *for  Darwin*).
> Cheers,
> Speranza
> ---
> From Geary's "Darwiniana": "The term "missing link" is used to refer  back
> to the originally static pre-evolutionary concept of the great chain of
> being, a deist idea that all existence is linked, from the lowest dirt,
> through
>  the living kingdoms to angels and finally to God."
> "The lowest dirt is possibly the origin of Godliness is next to
> cleanliness."
> "The idea of all living things being linked through some sort of
> transmutation process, however, predates Darwin's theory of evolution --
> if  theory
> it can be called, rather than 'mere hypothesis'."
> "Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, to mention just one, envisioned that life is
> generated in the form of the simplest creatures constantly, and then strive
> towards complexity and perfection (i.e. humans) through a series of lower
> forms."
> "In Lamarck's view, lower animals were simply newcomers on the evolutionary
>  scene, as we may put it."
> "After Darwin's On the Origin of Species, however, the idea of "lower
> animals" representing earlier stages in evolution lingered, as
> demonstrated in
> Ernst Haeckel's figure of the human pedigree."
> "While the vertebrates were then seen as forming a sort of evolutionary
> sequence, the various classes were distinct, the undiscovered intermediate
> forms  being called "missing links"".
> "And the expression stuck."
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