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In a message dated 5/4/2004 12:43:29 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
aamago@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>>Did the Europeans "assimilate" to the prevalent lifestyle when they 
>>arrived in America?"

A. Amago: 

>Absolutely.  That's the whole point, that they became Americans in their new 
>home in which they planned to stay, rather than fantasizing about returning 
to the old country."

I have a feeling Tor meant the Mayflower pilgrims -- By modern standards, 
they came from Europe (or 'Europe', as Geary would have it), and yet they 
went the way of the 'Natives'.

Geary describes himself ('hisself' as he would have it) as 

>2nd generation American 

and writes: 

>Not the immigrants, but their children

           -- his mama.

>and their children's children 


>do the 
>assimilating, but at the same time they
>change the larger culture. 

You mean the 'culture' gets 'assimilated', too?


        Geary, J. M. The Melting Pot -- And What's Gets Melt [sic]

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