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might think that there was an analogy here between 'false  memories' and false
beliefs (which are even easier to create). Yet although  a false belief is a 
belief which happens to be false, a so-called  false memory is not a real 
which just happens not to be a memory of  anything that really happened: it is
not a memory at all.

If we  distinguish between remembering that and remembering how (similar to  
knowing that/knowing how distinction), both memories and 'false  memories' 
under remembering that. So, one might argue that if a memory  has as its 
some event in the past, 'false memories' are not memories  for they have by
definition no such object. With knowing how it is  different, as Aristotle 

Point taken.  It should be false 'memories' (with 'memories' in scare 
quotes), which are, as  Amago notes, 'beliefs' (and false ones at that).
In a way it's like (I think it was philosopher J. L. Cohen) used to say  
about flowers. A plastic flower is _not_ a flower. With other things, this  
transformation does not do (and 'a plastic x _is_ an x'). Geary should be able  
provide more conjectures and refutations, as Popper would call them.

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