[lit-ideas] Re: The Lit-Ideas Presidential Platform

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  • Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 20:31:48 EDT

What an intriguing idea...
Here's one of my contributions which is, of course, recognizing that this  in 
in the preliminary planning stages. (Eric are you the Scribe?)
Can we borrow other people's stuff?
Like the motto or whatever it is...
The Number One Question is...Is It Good for the Children?
and make everything be gauged on some sort of scale of measurement of that  
They are, after all, our future...(I read today what No Child Left Behind  
has cost us since it was put into place--and the horribly dismal progress [or  
actually, not progress] ... for kids, awful. For those running testing  
companies, it was a 'gift' [I think Neil Bush owns one]--but if it was good  
for the 
children...it never would have happened... and the director of  the National 
PTAs sent out a call for action today as the Parent Information  Resource 
Centers are all up for the chopping block again...and they have  documented 
of doing good...but don't provide for crony gifts, I  guess...just good for the 
Marlena in Missouri

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