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"at [the v. point  of] his death he cried out", and don't generally expect 
to have to thank a  TLP-injecting smartarse for objecting, "No, that would 
have to been - by  definition - a cry before [the v. point of] his death." 

Yes, and he liked westerns too.
Incidentally, a typicaly way of killing a cowboy (or western (man)) I was  
told, is _hang_ him. In a tree.
Now, the interesting thing is that if you go to those trees, they  smell.
They smell of _ejaculate_.
The reason was that the rope, making contact with the testicles (of the man 
 hanging) provoked an _orgasm_ of sorts. 
"Before he died, he ejaculated" makes sense.

The French, ever hyperbolic, think one can "petit-die" ("petty death" I  
call it). It's the orgasm itself. Which is odd since they don't have the West 
in  France.
Good point that if you take Wittgenstein's 6. ... tautological it's _not_  
illuminating. But note that we hardly use 'die' in the present indicative, 
the  signal of a 'fact' for Wittgenstein ('it rains'):
Try to google for 'he dies' or 'she dies' or 'they die' or even the  
self-pragmatic contradiction, "I die" or the threat, 'you die' and the almost  
impossible to verify 'we die'. 
--- Oddly, P. Stone's anecdote reminded me of the book, "Geary's  Son":
         "A book where I'll record  all utterances by my son."
          "The other day I  asked him, "Don't you have anything to say?"
          "He said,  'anything'. I guess he is hiding something."
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