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So we should all become republicans during the span of this 'war against 
terror'. Or worse, perhaps, we need to be 'neos'.

And how does 125 to 200 million exceed the number of people in the former 
Soviet Union? Is this a case of the neos revising mathematics?

Lawrence, you are wearing no clothes and it's becoming awfully embarrassing. Go 
away and take a long look in the mirror.


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  You've no real arguments Mike.  That killing for Exxon is just foolish 
nonsense.  Don't even say such stupid things.  It will corrode your brain -- 
even worse.  There are real issues.  We have a real enemy.  Get used to it.  
They aren't going away just because you twist the words of and misunderstand 
Greenspan.  Focus.  We have a real enemy.  That enemy is variously named but he 
is part of a coherent belief system with ideals, goals and a system of 
militancy.  There are more people fanatically striving to destroy us than all 
the Communist and Nazi party members who ever lived.  And they are more 
committed to it.  So this silly game you leftist play of diverting attention 
away from the enemy and onto a variety of really silly objects is truly playing 
into the hands of the enemy.  It is in effect Anti-American even if you don't 
know it -- even if you don't feel it.  What one does counts for more than what 
one feels.   Leaders like Osama have little respect for us because we have no 
staying power.  We aren't willing to fight.  We are corrupt, and they look at 
those who cut and run.    Black Hawk Down is Osama's favorite movie.  Guess why?


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  >>"Of course, the claim was that most such people were neither pro-Saddam 
  >>nor anti-American: all they wanted was to 'give peace a chance.'<<

  No. Lawrence, opposition to this war is not a peacenik campaign, what the 
  world and the Americans who oppose the war in Iraq want most is that our 
  country not kill hundreds of thousands of people for Exxon (as Greenspan now 
  confirms was the rationale behind all this slaughter), or to establish a 
  puppet government that would allow military bases in support of our imperial 
  ambitions (we tried that in Iran in the 50's, if you remember, when we 
  brought down Mossadegh because he wanted to nationalize the oil industry).

  >>Though hatred of America may not have been universal among opponents of 
  >>American military action, it was obviously very widespread and very 

  Nonsense.  I have yet to meet an American opponent of this war or of the one 
  we waged in Vietnam (and I've known very many) who hated America.  In fact, 
  it's been their love of the ideals of America that have brought them to 
  oppose these wars. The only hostility I've ever heard in my 45 years of 
  protesting was hostility towards policies of our government that 
  contradicted those ideals.  That rhetoric gets charged when you're speaking 
  of killing people (and almost always innocent people) doesn't surprise me. 
  I've said some very hateful things about Bush, but Bush is 'Bush Policy' to 
  me, not the man of whom I have no way of personally assessing.  His policies 
  I have judged to be inimical to the ideals and best interest of the United 
  States and dangerous to the World.  Podhoretz obviously thinks differently 
  as do almost all of the people you quote and they have every right to think 
  as they do and to advocate their thoughts as broadly and vociferously as 
  they can.  They have their values, I have mine.  I think mine are better for 
  humanity and the United States than theirs.  In fact, nothing I've ever read 
  from the conservative camp has ever caused me to question my convictions.  I 
  wish there had been some quibble somewhere along the line so that I wouldn't 
  wonder if I'm just a close-minded bigot --  naw, no way.

  Mike Geary

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