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>>My father's mother was a

member of the British CP, he was one of the many Communists who, with other 
"leftists" and also Jewish people (presumably of varying political persuasion) 
attended Oswald Mosley's meetings to heckle them. In London, this coalition beat the 
fascists off the streets.



Bravo, Judy!
My grandfather was a socialist, a Darwinian, atheist, 19th century materialist. 
He claimed to have met Eugene Debs. On my tenth birthday, he gave me a year's 
subscription to a socialist magazine edited by Michael Harrington. I inherited 
his copy of the Harvard Classics. Then it was time to read Marx, Fanon, and 
Sartre (admiring the glossy cinema-verite cover photo on the paperback version 
of Sartre's _On Genocide_). Ah, influence!

Blank Verse Forbidding Mourning

Have we killed enough Islamists
Have we?
Have we killed enough Islamists

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