[lit-ideas] Re: The Jihadists' War With Islamist Democrats

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According to my doctor & medical reports (no problems & no medications to 
take), I shall probably live well into my 90s.  I’ll be 78 this coming October 
so my 90s are just over the hill.  But if you, being younger, expect to be 
alive after I am dead, you might manage that – depending upon how old you are 
now – and how many medications with serious side-effects you take. Be careful 
though:  you might live longer than I but if you don’t know it, what good is 
it?  Alzheimer’s plague’s so many old people nowadays.  How’s your memory for 
example?  I gather you didn’t remember that you had that discussion about “the 
New Islamists” with me a few years back.  Then too, I notice that you messages 
are very short as you comment below.  Since you “may” have trouble making it 
all the way to the end of a long paragraph, I’ll keep jerk your chain with this 
itty bitty short one.  J




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I don't know if I can write longer than Lawrence, but with a bit of luck I 
think I'll live longer :)




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Al Qaeda has also struggled to respond to the Arab Spring. In Egypt, Libya, and 
Tunisia, Islamists have rejected al Qaeda’s model of autocratic governance 
through sharia law in favor of parliamentary politics. Even many of al Qaeda’s 
theological fellow travelers, such as the ultraconservative Salafis in Egypt, 
have embraced the democratic process and formed political parties to compete in 






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