[lit-ideas] The January 2011 gallery, Duffy, Ginger & Sage

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  • Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 09:57:56 -0800



I've just started posting photos to the newly created "January 2011"
gallery.  I notice that last year's January had more growth remaining than
this one's.  Perhaps there will be fewer foxtails when that dreaded season


I also notice that Duffy was a bit more playful back then than he is now.
He still likes to play, but he has more "adult" interests now.  Back then
all he wanted to do was play.  Now he is a rabbit hunter.  He looks for them
as much as Sage does.  


There is one sequence with Sage watching Ginger and Duffy play.  When at
last he decides to join in Ginger wards him off, perhaps realizing Sage will
be too rough.


There is a later sequence when Sage and Duffy are alone and have what was
probably their first chase game at the river.  Sage seems a little too
serious and Duffy a little too intimidated.  



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