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donalmcevoyuk@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> but  I suppose that if  
> the Kritique of the Poor Reason had never  been so magistrally translated
> into  
> English  literature
"magistrally"? how is this translated into  English?
Taking a cheap shot

I've seen cheaper. I was quoting Hobbes, but you wouldn't know that, would  
you. Incidentally, I was hopping [sic] to be congratulated on that brill pun,  
"poor reason" (for "reinen Vernunft") -- assuming a Sussex pronunciation, 
sure.  -- Cheers,
'magistrally'  [< from MAGISTRAL a. + -LY2.  Cf. Middle French, French 
magistralement (15th cent. as  magistraument). (N.E.D. (1904) indicates the 
as  <Ngistrally.)] In a  magistral manner; authoritatively,  dogmatically. 

Confut. Rhemists New Test. (1618) 172 
You haue put that  magistrally which Ambrose maketh a perhaps of. 
1656  T.  HOBBES 
Quest. Liberty, Necess. &  Chance (1841) 257 
To assume..a licence  to control so magistrally..the doctors of the Church in 

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