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I hope the "Unknown" people paid royalties to the Robert Ludlum estate.
Eric Van Lustbader is the only one authorized to continue the Jason Bourne
novels & is doing a fairly good job of it.  Of course thinly veiled copies
will always get away with it.  I saw one fairly close copy in a movie a
couple of years ago -- can't remember the name of the actor.

The Japanese have an animated series called "Blood" in which a school-girl
with a short skirt somehow was trained or had her DNA changed so that she
can kill "Corrupterons" (big ugly monsters who may have been created by the
American or French military).  She can't remember that she has
super-hero-type abilities but when the chips are down she uses them.  

The Japanese Bourne may not regain her memory because in the pilot it shows
her going berserk in Vietnam and killing a whole village of innocents.  Who
would want to remember that?  As a modern-day school girl she is very
innocent and not quick to assume her darker powers.

Losing one's memory only to discover that one has super-human abilities is
an attractive theme -- not quite as popular as the hitman theme.  Does this
say anything about our civilization?  Hitmen, super-human amnesiacs, and
Serial Killers: writers & directors are taking great care to make these
themes fascinating.  The serial killer has been around since at least Jack
the Ripper, but we have improved quite a bit on Jack.  He was certainly no
Hannibal Lecter.


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On May 5, 2012, at 5:01 AM, Phil Enns wrote:

> Unknown.

Exactly.  Phil wins a trip to Berlin.  On foot.  

My knowledge of "The Twilight Zone" is zero, so I can't examine the claim
about possible antecedents.  To make the plot work, the writers turned an
expert killer into a nice guy simply by giving him a knock on the head and a
shock or two of electricity.  Presumably this is why policemen beat people
up--in hope of changing their fundamental nature.

So why watch the movie?  "Rob Roy" was in it, making sure the poor of the
world got the good stuff...  There were car chases... It was Friday.

As you were.

David Ritchie,
Portland, Oregon

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