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The last movie I watched that I remember the name of was the 1999 "Angel's
Dance" with James Belushi and Sheryl Lee: excellent.  The movie I watched
after that was an Italian movie about some body-guards protecting a judge
trying to prosecute someone in league with the Mafia.  The Italian title may
have been something like "Le Escort."  The former movie was funny with good
writing.  The latter was deadly serious & reminded me of a Japanese gangster
movie.  (I watch a lot of movies with subtitles.)

As to what you wrote after you asked what movie I just watched . . . hmm.
To put it another way a veteran of Shiloh or Franklin might have a limp and
a left arm that doesn't work quite right as well as 15 or 20 scars.  If you
were to ask him he probably wouldn't be willing to give any of them up.  He
earned everyone one of them and even though he never got past "private," he
is proud of who he is and of what he endured.  He is too busy being who he
is to wake up as a giant cockroach or any of the other existential monsters.


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Let's play, "What Movie Have I Just Watched?"  How to explain that
people--your wife, for example--don't acknowledge who you are when you wake
up uncertain about who you are?  Because you are not who you think you are.

David Ritchie,


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