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"Educational philosophy:"  Philosophical examinations of curriculum, 
practices and school  governance policies.--



That's why I was  referring to 'uni officer', not meaning Dr. Wager!

I believe it's up to  administrators (i.e. officers, rather than teachers 
or instructors) to plan  curriculum.

I know for example that my PhD programme wasn't planned by  ANY OF MY 
TUTORS independently. It requires some sort of POLITICAL,  administrative, 
meeting, etc. Therefore: read:  'boring'.


Why a philosopher should be interested in that  escapes me! But we could 
play with Plato 'administering' his academy. Aristotle  doesn't count because 
he did not give pupilships (all of his students were  full-paying ones).

'swain' has the good ambiguity that it can mean  'lover' (cf. swooning), 
making it the more ridiculous, "If you want to learn how  to fuck, read Ovid's 
Ars Amatoria"). 



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