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> False. Only self-conscious, autonomous beings whose physical nature is
> holistically integrated with their connative, cognitive and spiritual
> natures,
> are capable of the eros and dignity that is genuine human sexuality. 

Can this be paraphrased?
> False. Only self-conscious, autonomous beings.."
Only human beings with their special capacities..
> are capable of the eros and dignity that is genuine human sexuality. 
are capable of genuine human sexuality.

In so far as animal sexuality might seem to share some features with human
sexuality these features are only superficially similar as they are devoid of
what humans bring to sexuality with their special human capacities.
Therefore outside of human sexuality, we must conclude that..
>All  else
> is mere reproduction in Darwin's sense of natural and sexual selection.

As it happens I tend to agree with the view that humans that are probably the
most sexually obsessed species we know: for most species sex is merely a
functional urge to reproduce. But this does not mean that human sexuality is
devoid of or free from the 'functional urge to reproduce' [even if it is
often in a somewhat sophisticated and disguised form] nor that human
sexuality stands apart from 'natural and sexual selection'. Human male/female
differences, for example - and excluding parts of Eastern Europe and Asia,
naturally - the relative hairlessness of the female, are surely products of
sexual selection, as are many other physical and indeed non-physical traits.

Human sex may be compared to human singing: we may bring spirituality or
whatever to an act that many other animals also perform and there may be
important differences between the human and animal act in this regard, but
without the kind of physical and biological bases that underpin both human
and animal acts and which we get from descent-with-modification via a common
ancestor, there would be no human sex and no human singing.

Research conducted via survey in a gay bar

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