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Lawrence Helm wrote:

"I?m not a fan of Ralph Fiennes and his character seemed far too passive
during his wife?s (Rachel Weisz?s character?s) lifetime to pursue her
murderers so relentless toward the end of the movie."

I read the book first and I wondered if it could be adequately
translated into a movie.  Ralph Fiennes does a good job as does Rachel
Weisz, but it seemed to me as if the director couldn't make up his mind
as to whether it was a thriller or a love story.  The book seems to me
to be a love story with the drug conspiracy functioning as the plot
device used to unfold the main character's love for his wife.  In the
movie it isn't as clear, but in the book it seems clear that the pursuit
of the murderers is less about crimes and criminals and more about the
main character discovering who his wife was.  I have read most of Le
Carre's books and this one has a different tone to it.  At the beginning
I was disappointed but I kept going and was glad I did.

On the theme of Le Carre, I recently rented Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
and loved it.  Alec Guinness absolutely nails the Smiley character.  It
is a mini-series so it is on the longish side but well worth the effort.


Phil Enns
Toronto, ON

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