[lit-ideas] Re: The Consolations Of Daddy. Volume the Last

  • From: David Ritchie <ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 10:32:32 -0800

on 11/6/04 10:05 AM, David Ritchie at ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> on 11/6/04 8:59 AM, Ursula Stange at Ursula@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> These are so poignant that we're all speechless.
> Geary's a hack.  Riding through his past, he cuts all away and comes to,
> "I'm him now."  We can but follow.
Where is JLS?  I try to develop a hybrid new meaning for "hack"--one who
pares phrases down to their simplest form, also one who rides through the
past like a child on a pony--and he says nothing?  No doubt he's in touch
with the OED, reporting this twist.

David Ritchie
Portland, Oregon 

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