[lit-ideas] The Code Breaker

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Well, note that "!" is ambiguous. "x!" can mean the utterer is angry,  or it 
can mean the utterer is very happy.
On a related point:
Has anyone read the life and time of Alan Turing, aka. the Code Breaker.  
What he broke was something like that, from the Japanese to the Germans. 
In a message dated 9/28/2004 2:53:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
erin.holder@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:
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waekjbg  wserwljrhwsgnsdg,n.
werop wepoiwert qweoi, 


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> Erin  Holder:
> > srthsrhoherwtw45346gegq3saf
> dk dkhhbn 4  55^%K -- KM -- dedkh,  liisnncty'h. 7389h!!  Xnmntebid;
>  m7739823,  ##98dl; lqqq.Und2?  : )
> 377,  7238946=>nndq aoein b  shlllms, tw,  pqhhs.
>  */\/\/\/MW\/\/\/\*
> Mempis

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