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Julie wrote

Apparently the teacher had consulted and shared with the class websites such as these (btw, the teacher is a he, though it makes no difference):


http://scaredmonkeys.net/index.php?topic=3120.0 (PLEASE read this one -- it's quite a trip)

I couldn't get the atlasshrugs website to open. Too much traffic, probably. That a teacher in a public school is recommending to his students websites like scaredmonkeys though is enough to scare me.

Your daughter may be tuned out on this issue for a while, but someday you might suggest that she take a look at


On second thought, you might try to get him to read it and assign it to his classes on the grounds that you believe that all sides should be heard—just as evolution might in future be taught for its historical interest now that the Constitution has been amended to mandate the teaching of Creationism.

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