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  • Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 20:26:56 -0700

Mike Geary wrote

I’ve heard the parallel postulate’s no good
on Henry Street, that from a certain sidewalk
square the lines go out in all directions
and yet stay parallel, stealing the dancers’ shadows
from the polished boards upstairs. I walk down
Cornelia Street, looking for Hassan’s Café Aladdin.
‘Where were you when he needed you?’
Not there, not there. I never am.

For some reason I suspect this is either from or an allusion to something from Joyce. Yes or no?

Nah. Strictly personal. Recollections of a 1967 visit to a friend in NY, who lived on Clinton Street. We went walking up into what I think is the West Village, looking for Hassan's, on Cornelia Street, where I'd had a great meal in 1960 or '61. Stopped and asked a guy on a ladder (transformed here into a street person) where Hassan had gone. His reply is quoted above. The dancers are in a picture I took through the door of a rehearsal room in the Henry Street Playhouse. The HSP might be on Grand Street—? Joycean only in that it's about a walk through town. Can't remember the date, but it was just after an APA meeting in Philadelphia, in December, not June 16.

More than you wanted to know. Always free. We seldom close.

Robert Paul

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