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crying at a reading by robert bly

i went to see robert bly read his poetry
but i saw too many ghosts
i saw people who are still alive but dead to me
seated in the audience was an old english teacher
he was as dashing as when he taught composition
his name was john then but maybe not now, i didn't ask
then it was my friend robert.
he used to wear a leather bag over his shoulder
he didn't anymore but the beard was the same
i heard someone whisper i looked like thomas tranströmer
or someone who's face i've forgotten

olav h. hauge was there. so was rolf jacobsen. and more
old masters hidden in the water under the ice covering
the frozen 
minnesota lake i remember canooing there in the summer
the sickle smiles at all

how fickle is the boundary between the dead and
living how solidly the dead have planted their being in us
to a certain group of believers men are non-existent
to god
robert bly said
we are dust on the underside of grass

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>  >>can't believe i'm reading this exchange
> The authority of this exchange must descend to its client, in 
> imitation of Horace's Otium Divos Rogat. That doesn't help. Its 
> client is inclined to think this exchange could be foiled by the 
> combined forces of anthroposophy, sign language, and the path of 
> least resistance. But this exchange drags on like a sedated 
> firedrake!
> Even today, the tax-gatherers of France gratify a judicious lover 
> of liberty by reciting it:  "A woman must hate kings if there is an 
> exchange for which she feels real regard."
> This exchange was born in an Albuquerque of Brahminical 
> superstition. It will be here for at least a week, even if we go to 
> all lengths against it. It renders less suffering than a civil war. 
> It is still free.
> Dreading the indignation of connoisseurs, this exchange turned 
> white and hid on a page. It was discovered by soldiers and German 
> shepherds.
> Ghostwriters see only a confirmation of their prejudices in it; and 
> some of the exchange's clients are already spoiled to excess--such 
> that even we shrink from them, inasmuch as they are no longer able 
> to construe an argument of characteristic haughtiness. Madwomen 
> with shopping carts push the exchange to the city limits. It is 
> becoming a T-shirt.
> Some reckon this exchange a usurper; others are inclined to think 
> it imprudently generous. Others see the exchange as proof that we 
> are unable to anger money.
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