[lit-ideas] Thanksgiving

  • From: JimKandJulieB@xxxxxxx
  • To: lit-ideas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 18:38:21 EST

Sorry I didn't respond -- your IM was hidden behind Outlook -- I'm getting  
organized again.
How would you get to Springfield?  I sure would like to be able to  visit you 
and Elena a little over the Holiday weekend,  especially since  you are 
having Thanksgiving and your Dad's.
I really want to talk with you -- you said you wanted to talk with me about  
where you want to live....I don't know if that was a passing thought or if you 
 still are thinking the same thing.  I want & need (legally) to know  what 
you're planning.
Are you talking to any counselor?
I'm going to try to go to Church on Sun......Grandpa goes early because he  
has volunteered to drive people in his van.  I think the service is at  10:30 
-- is that right?  I need to find a ride.  I guess according to  your plans you 
won't be there?
I love you.  We need to talk.  
Tomorrow I'm cleaning up Elena's room and moving the boxes of stuff in  there 
(cats are forbidden from both your bedrooms -- I keep the doors closed  
always.)  Then I'm going to ask Grandpa to help me measure your room and  
out where to put the furniture while I work on your room -- the actual  work 
will not begin for a couple weeks because I have scheduled each day for 2  
in terms of cleaning this place like it was before, and better.
Please be thinking about what you want the bedroom to be like -- so you  have 
a safe, clean place you can visit and kick back if you want, surrounded by  
whatever decor is "you".  When it's time, I'll ask Grandpa to take both of  us 
to Lowe's and  we will look at paint colours and you can think about  what 
kind of floor you want, etc.  I'm hoping you will come on weekends and  we can 
redo your room together so you can tell me what will make you  comfortable.
I love you, Bronnie.  I pray for you every day.

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