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Ah, Mike, I was going to let your note go unanswered (because it is late and
I?m trying to turn my computer off) until you accused me of having a naïve
view of the character of this country.  You say this after pretty much
siding with our enemies.  So I take it you would not think it naïve to
support the Islamists or at least tolerate them until they actually threaten
you directly.  The opposite of your view, I understand you to be implying,
is naïve.  Ah, well, okay.  I can live with being naïve.


You also address some of the real issues in your note.  You describe how
hard it is to fight the Islamists who don?t comprise individual nations, but
this is one of the many reasons for our liberating Iraq.  Democracy is
contagious (see Natan Sharansky?s The Case for Democracy, the Power of
Freedom to overcome Tyranny & Terror).  If we help develop a successful
democracy in Iraq then that will be a powerful counter to Islamism.  You are
right in the sense that we cannot rely solely upon the military in fighting
Islamism.  But you are wrong in thinking that our efforts in Iraq are not a
powerful counter to Islamism.


You say the Islamists as you understand them don?t want to rule us.  I have
read the writings of the ideologue Sayyid Qutb and also Ruhollah Khomeini
and Maududi.  They, especially Qutb, advocate the conquering world for
Islam.  They intend to conquer us.  This isn?t an immediate goal, but it is
a long range goal.  Near term they would like to restore the Ummah, the Arab
Middle East without borders under a single Imam.  After that they want back
all the lands conquered by Mohammad, and the Righteous Imams, especially
Andalusia.  After that they intend to apply pressure including military
pressure until the entire world bows its knee to Allah.




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>> To say we are wrong in opposing Islamism is tantamount to saying we are 

>> wrong in favoring our own survival.<<


I am not opposed to Islamism.  And I won't be until I perceive them as 

trying to make me follow their dictates.  So far none have.  Christian 

fundamentalists are much more my enemy because they are trying to force 

their strictures on me.  Both are fascists.  The Christians are in my back 

yard.  The Islamists are 9000 miles away.  I understand why the Islamists 

are anti-Western -- they see us as threatening their whole way of life.  And

we are.  The band of murderers who attacked the Twin Towers and the 

Pentagon, were just that, a band of murderers led by Osama bin Laden.  We 

gave up looking for Osama for the chance to attack Iraq.  It was an illegal,

immoral and unjustified invasion of another country.  Why did we do it? 

Oil, baby, oil.  For oil and to establish a military outpost in the Middle 

East.  The war in Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism  or Islamism or 

9/11, it has everything to do with economics and power.


I have no doubt that there are people out there who think it's justified to 

kill innocent people, including moi, to obtain their political goals.  Our 

country also has far too few qualms about that.  What I don't understand is 

how our alarm over the fact that some people despise and revile us and want 

us out of their corner of the world constitutes an enemy that one can go to 

war with?  Who do we bomb?  The madrassas?  The mosques?  The market places?

The homes?  There is no way we can go to war against the "Islamists" because

they're not an entity such as a nation.  They have no armies to defeat, no 

government to take over.  We drove the Taliban from governmental power, but 

they are still very much alive in Afghanistan where an insurgency is 

growing.  If you favor your own survival, I suggest you learn to respect the

desire of others to survive.  Islamism as I understand it, doesn't want to 

rule us, but the have us out of their world.  I have no problem with that. 

Let them live in the 7th Century if they choose to.  That's their right. 

It's not our right to take over their countries for our oil needs.


We'll never agree on this.  You seem to me to have a very naive notion of 

the character of this country and think that anyone who disagrees with out 

goals in the world are enemies to be crushed.  That how I see your position.

I'm probably exaggerating it, but that's how it seems and it disturbs me. 

As I'm sure my position disturbs you.



Mike Geary





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