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..."if I wanted a submarine, I'd buy it from Australia." (See comment 51). One of Britain's multi-nationals is trying out the California market. How to do this? Rent a warehouse, build a pretend version of your shop, bring in people to respond to the concept, lie to everyone, explain that you're making a film. All of this so that we in the West of America can have one more supermarket.


Among the deleted scenes on the "Borat" disc is one in which the visitor points to a hanging package of grated cheese and asks a supermarket manager, "What is this?" Answer, "cheese." "And what is this?" "Cheese." "And what is this?" All along the aisle. And then Borat returns to begin on the second row. "And what is this?" "Cheese." Three rows of pre-grated cheese. He then starts on the blocks of mild cheddar.

It's not a particularly funny scene, but memorable.

One, however, that I do recommend as funny, is the deleted scene in an animal shelter. Borat is looking for a dog that will attack Jews. He picks out a tiny puppy and asks the shelter lady to make like she has horns, oh and could she say, "Shalom," please. He then instructs the puppy to attack. In which task it fails badly. The scene closes with Borat asking how, when you are done with traveling with a dog that attacks Jews, you cook it. Does the shelter provide recipes?

David Ritchie,
Portland, Oregon

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