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And we know this from... the same people who told us that there were WMDs, they would welcome us with flowers and candies, it was Mission Accomplished, the capture of Saddam would end the insurgency, the killing of Saddam's sons would end the insurgency, the killing of Zarqawi would end the insurgency...

Hey, did everyone notice? Our Official Enemy changed last week. No more Iran. Now it's North Korea again.

The Iranians were too sensible. They twice offered talks several years ago. Plus, everytime Bush shoots off his mouth with another idiotic threat, the price of oil goes up and his polls go down.

Yep, North Korea. Much better Dr. Evil. The Bush White House needs a cartoon figure out of Austin Powers so the GOP can terrorize the American population into voting correctly in November.

Eric, get ready to be really scared!


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Andreas; Ali goes to al-Zawahiri. He came up with a plan to use trained hamsters to carry little backpacks filled with cyanide.

Classic suburban nihilism. But funny in a snide sort of way. Here's what the Times of London has to say on how the cyanide was to be dispensed and why the attack was canceled.


The Times  June 19, 2006

Al-Qaeda plotted to fill the Subway with cyanide gas
From James Bone in New York

AL-QAEDA terrorists were within 45 days of filling the New York Subway with cyanide gas, according to a new book. The plot — involving a specially designed dispersal device named

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