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I was going through my cabinets and found a long-forgotten jar of the spice 
mixture called tea masala.  I had bought it with the best of intentions but 
never quite knew what to do with it.  It seemed to make tea unacceptably spicy 
and was promptly forgotten.  Until Saturday that is, when I threw caution to 
the winds and decided to combine one tea bag with about a quarter of a teaspoon 
of the masala, two packets of Splenda and almond milk, and it was wonderful.  
It was so good that I headed to Wikipedia to find out what is this thing called 
tea masala.  It turns out that it is tea steeped or boiled (there are many ways 
to make it) with milk, sugar and varying masala spices (in this case ginger, 
black pepper, pepper root, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves).  The 
interesting part is that Indians didn't drink tea until the British essentially 
forced it on them as a market through the East India Company.  Indians had used 
tea as a
 medicinal herb.  So Indians have been drinking tea about as long as the 
British have.  Tea had been a traditional Chinese beverage. 
Changing the subject, did anybody see last night's Super Bowl?   The Jets 
played a good game.  Or so I'm told.  I have friends who rooted for the other 
team.  I think they lost.  I hate to see teams lose.  
And speaking of bicycles, check this out:

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