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Hey Mike! I just noticed that last line of yours: "I refuse to take my stuff
seriously enough to talk about it."
Wow! You remind me of my daughter who thinks she's serious about writing
fiction, but unless I'm simply a cheerleader, she gets offended. Critiques
are anathema, just praise. Just give her praise.

You show courage by exposing your work to us. But don't you expect us to be
as analytical about your work as we are about George W. Bush's or Michael

I hope this doesn't stop you from sending us your Sunday work, but do you
expect us to change our stripes just because we admire your willingness to
make yourself vulnerable in the public square? (I think that was the
underlying expectation, now that I think about it.) I'm caught in a trap
now. I don't know which way to turn. Should I just shut up?

A.A. I think people are hard enough on themselves.  Usually too hard.   I think 
if someone gets paid to do something, then they can be criticized.  But even 
professionals are human and most could live without criticism.   I also think 
we never outgrow our need, or at least our desire, for parental praise, and 
even more than praise, parental encouragement.

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