[lit-ideas] Re: Taste of the pseudo-serious Poetaster

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  • Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 18:17:12 -0400

And Stan, m'man, you should be happy that your daughter gets offended.  That
means she cares, at least a little, about what you think.  Would you prefer
it if she told you to shut up and take your wasted, outdated critique
elsewhere?  I think not.  There are always cheery critiques, you know.

All roses in Toronto,

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> Sent: Sunday, June 27, 2004 5:51 PM
> Subject: [lit-ideas] Re: Taste of the pseudo-serious Poetaster
> > Hey Mike! I just noticed that last line of yours: "I refuse to take my
> stuff
> > seriously enough to talk about it."
> > Wow! You remind me of my daughter who thinks she's serious about writing
> > fiction, but unless I'm simply a cheerleader, she gets offended.
> > are anathema, just praise. Just give her praise.
> >
> > You show courage by exposing your work to us. But don't you expect us to
> be
> > as analytical about your work as we are about George W. Bush's or
> > Moore's?
> >
> > I hope this doesn't stop you from sending us your Sunday work, but do
> > expect us to change our stripes just because we admire your willingness
> > make yourself vulnerable in the public square? (I think that was the
> > underlying expectation, now that I think about it.) I'm caught in a trap
> > now. I don't know which way to turn. Should I just shut up?

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