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I don't understand all of this (I nee teleporting for dummies) but the  parts 
I do understand are exciting and fascinating.  Any scientists out  there?
Julie Krueger
_Click  here: CNN.com - Scientists teleport two different objects - Oct 4, 
LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Beaming people in Star Trek fashion is  still in 
the realms of science fiction but physicists in Denmark have teleported  
information from light to matter bringing quantum communication and computing  
closer to reality. 
Until now scientists have teleported similar objects such as light or single  
atoms over short distances from one spot to another in a split second. 
But Professor Eugene Polzik and his team at the Niels Bohr Institute at  
Copenhagen University in Denmark have made a breakthrough by using both light  
"It is one step further because for the first time it involves teleportation  
between light and matter, two different objects. One is the carrier of  
information and the other one is the storage medium," Polzik explained in an  
interview on Wednesday. 
The experiment involved for the first time a macroscopic atomic object  
containing thousands of billions of atoms. They also teleported the information 
distance of half a meter but believe it can be extended further. 
"Teleportation between two single atoms had been done two years ago by two  
teams but this was done at a distance of a fraction of a millimeter," Polzik, 
of  the Danish National Research Foundation Center for Quantum Optics,  
"Our method allows teleportation to be taken over longer distances because it 
 involves light as the carrier of entanglement," he added. 
Quantum entanglement involves entwining two or more particles without  
physical contact. 
Although teleportation is associated with the science-fiction series Star  
Trek, no one is likely to be beamed anywhere soon. 
But the achievement of Polzik's team, in collaboration with the theorist  
Ignacio Cirac of the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching,  
Germany, marks an advancement in the field of quantum information and 
which could transmit and process information in a way that was impossible  
"It is really about teleporting information from one site to another site.  
Quantum information is different from classical information in the sense that 
it  cannot be measured. It has much higher information capacity and it cannot 
be  eavesdropped on. The transmission of quantum information can be made  
unconditionally secure," said Polzik whose research is reported in the journal  
Quantum computing requires manipulation of information contained in the  
quantum states, which include physical properties such as energy, motion and  
magnetic field, of the atoms. 
"Creating entanglement is a very important step but there are two more steps  
at least to perform teleportation. We have succeeded in making all three 
steps  -- that is entanglement, quantum measurement and quantum feedback," he  
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