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I forgot about all the stuff Paul writes about.

He's right; we're on fast-forward and generations of technology just crash into each other.

I'm just glad to get a few devices to work. I use less than 10% of the features on most devices because 1) I simply don't have days and days to spend on learning how to configure a device and 2) by the time I've figured out how to configure something, it's obsolete.

And more stuff comes out.


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Add Bluetooth to many more devices: calculators, clocks, keys, your
your pen, so they all interact on Surface. Lay a book or magazine on
Surface. The contents open and you can search, copy, send. Set a vase of
flowers on Surface. The surface changes to reflect the flowers. Kids play
with their toys on Surface. It interacts with the toys.

This is all fine and good... as long as everything DOES have bluetooth.
Problem is... with computers, it seems that the whole infrastructure changes
every time out. The first burp was with introduction of the GUI interface
Windows (I'm talking for the masses here) and that was pretty stable from
1985-1995 (10 years) when WIN95 necessitated a new jump in hardware/software

That lasted (essentially, with a fixed version finally entitled win98SE) for about 6 years until XP came out in Oct 2001. That also lasted about 6 years
(to early this year with Vista's release) but NOT REALLY because it took
about 2 or even 3 years for a WHOLE bunch of people to switch over to XP
since you basically had to buy a new machine and many new peripherals (or at
least wait for protracted periods for drivers to be released by all the
software companies).

So... now Vista comes out and it's completely ahead of its time [just in
PITA effect, not in its function] because there is virtually NO support for
any hardware less than a few months old. And now, already they are talking
about Surface? Well guess what... nobody will buy into surface until they
[the no bodies] replace about 10 [other] expensive household objects (cell
phone, cards, camera, ipod etc) to interact with it. AND... by the time they
do this... there's a good chance that there won't even BE a thing called
"bluetooth", we'll be on to Red Tooth or some other technology.

This combination *(see note) of ever-decreasing time between the generation
gap of technologies and the ever-increasing cost of reconnaisance and
growing pains is going to leave a whole lot of people in the lurch. It's a
conundrum that could cause big problems when the threshold level of what
people are willing to spend is reached -- many indicators point to this
already being reached.

* Look at USB for an example of a "failed", then "improved", then "replaced"
technology. IEEE1394 (FIREWIRE) is currently more consistent and the local
transfer protocol of the quarter. Who knows what it will be next week.

The cat walks across Surface. What happens?

RP: The cat becomes bionic..

I thought cats were already bionic. Mine can leap at least 10 times his own height. And I could have sworn I heard a nuclear power device the other day humming in his neck. And when he's skulking around the backyard, sometimes I
hear what sounds like creaking and bending metal. What's up with THAT?

just skimming the surface, never to be fully up to date

p.s. PITA stands for "Pain In The Ass"

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