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> --- Andy Amago <aamago@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > For Omar, people start lying about their age later
> > here.
> *Well, it might depend on their situation I think.
> Being 35 or 36 would certainly not be a problem here
> if you are married, and you could probably do things
> on the side as well. If you are single it might be a
> problem.
>  It's also acceptable for a woman to be the
> > same age or even older than a man. 
> *Yeah. My ex-wife was a few years older than me, and
> it didn't bother me at the time. But I find that now I
> am mostly attracted to girls who are at least 10 years
> younger than I am. No offense meant to anyone.

No offense taken.  A relationship with a power differential is a lot of
people's idea of a good relationship.  Men hold the power generally in
traditional cultures.  It's why traditional cultures are, well,
traditional, which is to say, backward.  

>  Some don't lie
> > at all, and celebrities can't get away with lying. 
> > I find it encouraging that the Rolling Stones are
> > still doing concerts; Barbara Walters is in her
> > 70's; Mike Wallace in his 80's (I think he just
> > retired) among many other examples.  That's a
> > wonderful, encouraging step forward for
> > civilization. 
> *I agree, in principle.

You like it in principle, which is to say, not in practice.  In practice,
people should have about 40 years if they're men, 30 years if they're
women, to live?  After that, what?  

> Regarding
> > people exercising, mostly they don't. 60% of
> > Americans are overweight or obese. 
> *I agree. In China, both extreme thiness and extreme
> obesity are relatively recent phenomena I think.
> Chinese traditional food tends to be light on calories
> and it's rather difficult to get very fat on it. The
> "Western" influences have brought in hamburger and
> frenchfries as well as dieting.

Not to mention radical ideas like equality of ages and sexes and doing away
with child labor and so on and so on.  Hamburgers and dieting are a fair
trade off  I think.

>  I wouldn't want to live
> > anywhere else. 
> *Well, lucky you. I would always like to go somewhere
> else.

Yes, I am lucky.  At least we agree on something.

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