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Earlier this week I  was welcomed home by a brambling in peak form,  
perched on the arbor  that shelters the two vines which make up the  
Chateau Ritchie estate,  one cabernet sauvignon and the other not.  I  
don't recall ever  seeing or hearing such a bird here.  I have a  
theory he was  attracted to a surplus cd I had hung on the trellis.   
Usually I  don't give a toss about birds, or dinosaurs, but a  
wonderful anything  is worth noting and this guy was so full of the  
joys, so absolutely  convinced that his job was to sing and sing until  
all the Douglas Firs  burst, I count him the real thing.  Days later I  
saw him in the  front garden digging the beetles and so I blessed him  
with a  wish:  May he live long enough to capture the heart of  
Emmanuelle  Beart, and fly down to her spring with me.


Not clear why  the header. 

Oddly, there are _two_ manon operas:

-- the  Massenet
-- the Puccini

I was reading that 'manon' is French short for  'prostitute', but I forget 
The opera's last act is indeed set in French  America: Louisiana.

J. L. Speranza

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