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Heard on BBC Radio 4 last night, attributed to someone at Oxford: "Brainy
may not be the best strategy says study of Great Tits."


On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 3:58 AM, David Ritchie <profdritchie@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> How bright is the moon tonight, how absent the coyotes and other
> predators; a fine lull before the chicks up and leave the bathtub, forsake
> the only warm red lamp they've ever known and brave the cold outside go
> roost behind the wire, dreaming of things that taste like... whatever
> chickens like... corn presumably, bugs and worms.  How light is our rubbish
> bin; how heavy the garden recycling.  We fresh green beings are so doing
> our thing that in any new farmer's almanac we might yet get stars,
> or lights that flash someone's app, repeated sequences with noise
> attached, "diddley dee," indicating how we trend, what the watch from the
> watch tower send at change of shift concerning their new custom vertical
> organic privy's functioning, words ringed around with "prithees," whatever
> they be, and inquiries, "how goes our noble sustainability?"
> To find this joke funny you have to know my boat and motor, and be able to
> supply all scenes from your head in which
> sexual allure is defined by objects, "Oh my what a manly car or shirt, it
> sets my collywotsits afire," that sort of thing.  Yesterday as we neared
> the bay the rain and light winds were doing their cold Fall thing,
> seriously reducing visibility,
> nearly overwhelming our desire to get afloat.  I turned to Bob, who was
> driving the truuuuuuck, and remarked that we must get extra manliness
> points for this adventure.  "What do you mean?" he asked.  "There'll be
> babes, cheerleaders lining the pier
> all a'tremble, ogling the boat and we buff pair, no doubt swooning when we
> fire up the sixties era thirty horse and our reliable little kicker."  "The
> Johnson?" he said.  "That's the one."
> David Ritchie,
> Portland, Oregon
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