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on saint patrick's day
in a talk on water and forest practices
given for a chinese-american benevolent dining society
yes such things still exist
and do good
and do well
i was digesting the fact that jags come in four wheel drive

the speaker had power points and talked of watersheds
clear cutting he explained 
is not only the most efficient of practices 
it's the best in terms of arboriculture 
and oregon law fines landowners who don't replant
so all those gashes will soon sprout healing saps

when he was done one member's question was prefaced by a declaration
the man said he was going to "go all tea party" on another 
was he not, the man began, taking government subsidies in the form of cheap 
water for his potatoes 

the respondent said everybody likes good french fries

seeking to calm 
roil in the waters 
the speaker intervened
the watershed which serves portland 
he said also receives federal subsidies

not shut up
the tea party fellow waved a trump 
he lives in washougal washington
free from city reach and regulation
draws from his very own well

with questions 
the conversation moved along while
i regarded the dead chicken's blank-eyed head 
which lay untouched on the serving plate
and i wondered whether we'd be happy with a jag
in green

suddenly the speaker said to the potato grower that another important thing to 
consider was fish
and i thought
that was the best course

this was not what he meant
suckers he said are widely known
to play a very large part
in native american culture

David Ritchie,
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