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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 03:54:02 -0400

>> Since then we've not done badly: mosaics, Newton, a few boffo
battles, some marble busts, big and bigger Buddhas, Gray's elegy,

Then this Scot Hume thrusts his fork where he had no business browsing,
let alone thrusting, and ultimately divides the world into "logical
positivists and goddamned English professors" because so many think
classical epistemologies are dead as Rorty. 

English professors, who have never had to understand what they were
talking about, clash their symbols like mechanical toy monkeys trying to
out-cute each other, dreaming of Marx's hairy chest in a steam bath of
heterogeneity, their utopias symbolizing the last time they were happy,
high as a kite in some decades-lost dorm somewhere. Serving this
interregnum, Emergence emerges from the starch on Whitehead's collar,
and Aristotle, though ha-ha primitive, was basically right all along, as
was Freud about the qualia of dreaming, everyone snoozing, their
prefrontal cortex switched off, and the limbic systems sending emotions
of memory to their secondary visual centers without restraint. 

Meanwhile chess remains the same because only humans can play it.
Disturbingly though, golf club-heads get larger, are no longer made of
wood, and look like clown props. Though Jackson Pollock once held a job
cleaning bird droppings from statues in NYC parks, the Mona Lisa still
has no eyebrows.

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