[lit-ideas] Sunday Wotsit

  • From: David Ritchie <profdritchie@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: lit-ideas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2012 08:02:51 -0700

At one time or another Occam's razor, Hickam's dictum, soaps on the tele, all 
responded to our desire for meaning. Fresh out of Africa, or possibly a tad 
earlier, we spat on our hands, asked one another why no one had yet invented 
elbow grease, and with a soft shrug we got on with the nitty gritty of life 
here on earth.  Since then we've not done badly: mozaics, Newton, a few boffo 
battles, some marble busts, big and bigger Buddhas, Gray's elegy, Chemistry.  
Of late, there's tourism, boldly going with apps to our ears, copping one 
another's odd outfits while making plans to meet.  

But there's a flaw in our commemorative agenda.  Where is the plaque marking, 
if not the very spot, at least a plausible guess, where came the first woman, 
looking more closely than was the norm, she who discovered berries no one knew 
were good.  That's just an example; in the world of plaques prehistory lacks.  
And no wonder.  How are we to know where to erect Augusta's needle?  Here, 
surely is ripe chance, opportunity for new and innovative theoretical and 
theatrical and genuinely historical gesture.  If only there were funds.  

David Ritchie,
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