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Or if Adam bit into chocolate instead of an apple.  Where would we be today...
Actually, I knew some Indians from India once.  I learned that Indians don't 
like chocolate.  They do like cream puffs though.  That would make chocolate an 
acquired taste.  Presumably India somehow missed the cocoa bean during the 
Colombian exchange (when Columbus, who was looking for India, came to the New 
World and set into motion the biological unification of the world).  

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This week I struggled as a Genevan might.  There's no gin in the tale; it's 
about chocolate and an apple, decay and the plastic bucket, tempting heights.  
I begin.  Though the apple I picked up in our kitchen smelled innocent and 
sweet as charity, when I carved in, it proved rotten to the core, brown with 
tricks and worms.  I cast it from me. "Begone," I said, tossing it airily 
toward the compost bin.  Then I hie'd me to the larder, seeking solace and 
consolation.  Not having much handy philosophy to hand, I rolled my eyes 
heavenward, which is about where the chocolate is kept, in a location that 
takes energy to reach.  I ascended the step stool.  I cracked off four 
squares.  I descended.  I stood foursquare with my four squares of Swiss 
chocolate and wondered whether John Calvin would approve.  Chocolate, I think, 
might have cheered him up, improved his general mien, changed history. Nothing 
I can do about that.  Postponing pleasure, I
 boiled water for tea.

David Ritchie,
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