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  • From: Andy <mimi.erva@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2008 19:21:58 -0700 (PDT)

Concrete jungles aren't the problem, and interestingly
you cite cities of the N.E. where there is relative to
the rest of the country still a lot of water (although
I have to tell you, I mowed the lawn on Friday and it
was dry, like in real dry.  I was surprised, but
that's just anecdotal evidence).  The paving over of
exurbia and concomitant destruction of wetlands and
habitats (every hear of the housing boom?) is very
much affecting groundwater.  The U.S. is today
virtually one huge suburb.  

As far as the rest of the world, about 80% of the 3.5
billion people who live in cities live in slums.  In
parts of Bombay (Mumbai), there are places where
there's one toilet for 500 people.  So, you're right,
no engineering marvels in a lot of places.  Still, I'm
talking about the U.S., and here in the U.S. we are
one great big highway from coast to coast with all the
roads in between.  Water cannot penetrate paved roads,
and the paved roads had once been wetlands.  Jimminy
Cricket I wish it weren't so.  But it is.  

--- Paul Stone <pastone@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 9:34 PM, Andy
> <mimi.erva@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Except that the paving over of the country by
> making
> >  it a massive suburb is contributing to the
> depletion
> >  of groundwater.  Instead of seeping into the
> ground
> >  naturally, rain, when there is rain, is channeled
> into
> >  the drains and from there eventually it runs into
> the
> >  river and into the oceans.
> But... you've never done the math and this is why
> your hysterical
> [literal meaning] emails are so hysterical [adopted
> meaning].
> The VAST majority of the Earth, and even an
> extremely "populated"
> place like The United States of America is STILL not
> sewered, let
> alone paved. Let's just look at New York State (a
> pretty populated
> place -- 6th most densely populated in the USA):
> Top Ten Cities (by Population):
> New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Syracuse,
> Albany, New Rochelle,
> Mount Vernon, Schenectady, Utica
> Together about 9.3 million people -- about 47% of
> the total population
> of the state live in these ten cities. Total area of
> these cities
> combined is about 1300 km^2. Total area of New York
> State is about
> 142,000 km^2. Therefore the most developed half of
> the state reside on
> less than ONE percent of the land. This is where
> your concrete jungles
> are. Man has actually done VERY little to prevent
> natural drainage.
> Yes, ditches, tiles and irrigation is quite
> developed in the rural
> parts of a large portion of the country, but the
> VAST majority of the
> Earth is NOT even close to being drained by anything
> approaching
> engineered drainage.
> Paul
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