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  • From: David Ritchie <ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 14:46:05 -0800

This morning's text is from the book of Wikipedia, chapter goodness me, verse pink. For yea verily pink strip is what Palermo's professional soccer team plays in. Mussolini, would not countenance this, so now keeping in the pink is a matter of politics and principle. Contrast BSC Young Boys, a Swiss team that play in yellow and black stripes; they seem to have got lost on the way to some children's entertainment in which being apian was the order of the day. Headquartered at Wankdorf stadium, they built a new home which soccernet greeted with, "Young Boys Wankdorf Erection Relief." Among the black and yellow seats there is one red one, reserved for visiting celebrities and new team members. When you sit there, like a good boy scout, be prepared for the visiting lap dancer.


David Ritchie,
Portland, Oregon
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