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  • Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 12:21:51 -0700

"Where," they cry "has the wotsit bin?" Ogling Bang, also Olufsen, in shops in Bergen. Watching some kind of bowling with short sticks, up by the university. Standing among blondes conjuring the brunette commoner queen, "Good on yah" Sonja, married to Harald, son of Olaf, who is not at all Vi, only the king. In their palace garden there's a statue of Maud, and the usual equestrian ones, topped by birds, scratching their pennaceous and plumulaceous portions. Very young soldiers with fluff in their caps stand guard, clomp off when they have endured a sufficiency of rain and tourist stares. Close by, the works of Vigeland depict the stages of life, also a fathers juggling bairns. Hundreds of miles to the north, up by Svallbard, Polar bears still drift on the ice and kill seals. It makes no sense to think of them as stranded; they can swim great distances, unafraid of anything except getting slim. If they turned south towards the old or new capital, I bet you'd soon see barbules, or royal Victorian babes, or even quite big bits of tourist poking through their teeth.

David Ritchie,
Portland, Oregon

http://cruises.about.com/od/northerneuropeancruises/ig/Oslo--Norway- Pictures/Royal-Palace-Guard-in-Oslo.htm
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