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  • From: David Ritchie <ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 11:04:10 -0800

How the mind wanders when driving sure routes.  On Thursday those Stanford 
philosophers who talk on public radio were rattling on about levels of reality 
and medium sized objects and Plato.  I generally think I ought to find those 
folk more interesting than I do, but here was an exception to that rule; they 
featured an ex-philosopher who had given up his subject to go study ants.  
Humans, he explained, invest greatly in the idea of the self and the autonomous 
individual; ants, by contrast, get things done without any individual one ever 
having the first clue what the plan or outcome might be.  "No accreditation," I 
muttered as I hurried across the wet way from car to tennis court.  Going home, 
I left the radio silent and wondered what the argument might be favor of 
regrets.  Piaf sings about the importance of not having any, but is there 
anything is to be said in favor?  Surely regrets are designed, apart from those 
truths or lies that people send in response to invitations, to teach you how to 
behave better in the future, or at least to prod you into noting the importance 
of seizing the diem?  Apart from criminals facing the possibility of 
conviction, and politicians caught in pomegranito delicious, as it were, who 
now says, "My perfume is regret and I wear it with pride?"  Did anyone?  Why 
otherwise would I have the line in my head?

Someone wrote on Facebook this week, I quote
"ment to of been taking a photo haha"
ment to of been taking?
I confess I find such oddities interesting.
I confess it.
Have you noticed how guilty people can seem when Facebook comes up?
"Well I have an account, yes, but I never really look."
A hint of pornography here:
some swell of regret,
store of spent sand,
touch of guilty secret.

David Ritchie,
Portland, Oregon

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