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  • From: David Ritchie <profdritchie@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 18:21:57 -0700

everyone is busy
it's you and not unusual
everyone pursues happiness
it's true and not out of the question
everyone is in pain
we have aspirin
everyone will die
you and i
sooner or later we'll get pie in the sky 
or the earth beneath our feet 
the lumpy bit
where the rain goes to drain and where bacteria do whatever it is they do to 
there we'll be or 
floating and dusty emerging from the crematorium chimney
our calendar cleared
no more appointments
the no show at the meeting
this is our fate
as unavoidable as the lovely fresh leather smell of my schoolboy satchel
a sign that i must go to school
as unavoidable as geography tests on the morrow
as true as a pencil turned by any pencil sharpener
as true as a wooden slide or other rule
quite as sad as a bottle of quink leaking onto my rubber banded plastic mac
staining the leather

the first guy to teach me orwell got hit by a truck
the second could still be alive for all i know
neither of them had much time for hemingway
the first guy to teach me orwell was an admirer
not merely of the clarity of his prose
but of the man's decency
the second was a revolutionary who wanted to strip bare
middle class pretension masquerading
as concern for the worker
for both hemingway was not a man from michigan
he was an american
someone drinking wine in paris
an ex-pat 
when the down and outs of london dreamed of beds
dripping and chips
hemingway was recording the measure of scott fitzgerald's

(see wikipedia under "a moveable feast")

David Ritchie,
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