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On 9-Jul-12, at 11:17 PM, David Ritchie wrote:

... Edward Viscount Ligonier borrowed a sword from a cutler in Bond Street and fought a duel in Green Park with Vittorio Amadeo, Count Alfieri. This source (http://www.discovery-walks.com/general-walking-blogs/london-walks-around-st-jamess-park ) describes the duel taking place between the first and last acts of an opera.

I very much enjoyed the anecdote further down on the page:

"An art galllery porter had been sent to deliver a picture to the [i.e., Buckingham] Palace and was left alone in the office to unwrap it and prepapre it for hanging.

"Having finished the job he sat down at a writing desk and noticed the stationary which was heavily embossed with the words Buckingham Palace.

"Unable to resist, he began scribbling a letter on to a piece of writing paper, but had only managed two lines when he heard a cough behind him. Turning he was horrified to see King Edward V11 standing behind him.

"Leaping to his feet the embarrassed porter stammered an apology. The King picked up his letter and burst out laughing. The two lines that the porter had scrawled read simply ‘Dear Father, Please note the change of address…’

"The delighted King handed the red-faced porter a sovereign and sent him on his way."on stationery

As well as being entertaining, it got me to thinking - what two lines (possibly a preamble) would I have written? (And would the king have laughed?)

Any list members care to give us their two lines worth? (Substitute 'Oval Office" - or some other 'seat of power' for BP if you like. I was thinking briefly of the Vatican but I wouldn't get away with it - no Latin.)

Chris Bruce,
announcing no change of address, in
Kiel, Germany

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